Writing Report August 11, 2018

Writing Report August 11, 2018

A quick and dirty entry this weekend.

(Get your filthy minds out of the gutter.)

(That’s my job!)

Those of you following me on Facebook know I had a good week & half:  I got two stories written (total of 10,000 words).

This on top of the short story I recently sold to Test Patterns:  Creature Features.

But I also was rejected by several markets, so those stories need to go out again.

About 2/3rds are back in circulation, but I’m debating on who to send the remaining ones to.

For various reason (length / genre / subject matter) they are not easy to place.

I don’t want to waste time fire off stories to markets that are unlikely to accept them.

One of the markets is closing in about 48 hours, and the novella I want to send to them has not been completely polished yet.

That’s tonight’s order of business.

Over the last few days I’ve been sidetracked by various things in and around the house, so I haven’t been able to focus as sharply on the writing as I’d like.

I did use the start & start nature of the days to go through old posts on this blog; i.e., those that went up before we switched from Wordpress to Squarespace.

There was a lot to recommend with Wordpress including the ability to play around with font color (30 different shades and hues), strikethroughs, and hidden text.

The Squarespace program is simpler, not nearly as many bells & whistles, but does have the ability to schedule posts many, many moons ahead of time, so with relatively little effort I can make sure something goes up every week.

Changing over the Squarespace also mean adopting a new format & look, and I do prefer this to the old blog:  Much cleaner and more spare looking.

It’s meant using far less graphics that I had previously, and in switching over from Wordpress to Squarespace we lost all the old post’s graphics, so the last few days I’ve been going through and either eliminating old posts or re-editing them and adding new graphics.

Most of the stuff I’ve deleted was of a timely nature (i.e., conventions that have come and gone).

Others have been rendered redundant by my Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

(BTW, how the @&#% does Vero work?  I’m posting stuff on it but I don’t understand how it’s supposed to interact with other people’s postings.)

All this is a long way of saying many (most?) of my shorter factoid posts have been deleted, along with several graphics heavy posts that are no longer timely.

Many of the religious posts are going to be consolidated and reposted after a re-write; when I do that I’ll probably delete the old post or at least link to the newer version.

I’m also planning to consolidate all my movie / TV / media posts into one large collection, a pdf book that will be available for !-F-!-R-!-E-!-E-! once I find a space in my copious spare time to do it.

(This book will probably be updated every year to reflect new reviews & articles I post.)

The clock strikes twelve (well, symbolically), my keyboard turns back into a pumpkin, the drudgery of polishing the last 10,000 words in a 30,000 words barbarian adventure fantasy awaits.

See ya on the flip-flop, good buddies.


© Buzz Dixon



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