Writing Report April 27, 2018

Writing Report April 27, 2018


Doncha just hate ‘em?

I mean, as a writer, I’m supposed to love new ideas, right?

Yeah…in the abstract.

But the reality is that there are only so many minutes in a day, so many days in a year, so many years in a writer’s productive life.

So you get a really good, really cool idea…

…and there’s just not the time or place to execute it properly!

To paraphrase a
famous sailor man,
I yamsk fruskipated.

This morning, while taking my morning constitutional, I started thinking about this idea.

I had the basic idea years ago -- a really nice concept for a thriller series -- but outside of, “Hey, that would be cool,” nothing popped up that justified wasting paper or pixels on it.

Until this morning.

Then all of a sudden, while walking along, I saw the opening scene unfold in my head.

And not just the basic idea, but how the characters were introduced.

I guarantee when (if!) executed, it will Grab Your Attention.

Could be TV, could be comics.

Good cast, nice variety of colorful characters.

After I typed the opening scene up, 15 minutes more of brainstorming produced with more than a dozen solid story ideas.

And the cool thing is this: 
While the idea seems far-fetched, it’s inspired by a real person and real events.

Oh, man, if only Quinn Martin was still in business…

But that was then and this is now.

What to do, what to do…?

Keep it close to the surface.

Flesh out ideas as they come along.

Maybe it will coalesce into novel format, maybe I’ll find a comics publisher or a TV producer who’s interested.

But until then, 
it joins another
couple of hundred
ideas awaitin’ their turn…


© Buzz Dixon






if you’re so smart how come you’re so rich?

if you’re so smart how come you’re so rich?