The Coming Bloodbath

The Coming Bloodbath

We’re supposed to end the old year on an optimistic note, with a hopeful look to the future.

That’s a pointless endeavor at this time.

I read history and I know the tides and patterns, the ebbs and flows of politics and nations.

The world is about to plunge into a massive war.

It will start in the Middle East, and if there’s one sliver lining to the Trump administration, it may be that he will get us out just before the real shit storm starts, and if we have calmer hands and cooler heads in the next administration, we might sit this one out.

We will be going through intense shit of our own, mind you, but we’re not going to get sucked into the upcoming bloodbath.

I look at Russia from the fall of the Tsar to WWII as a template.

They started out the 20thcentury as one of the largest empires on earth, and while they didn’t have as much political leverage as Western European nations or America, they were nonetheless a credible world power.

They began WWI on the side of the Western allies but the Germans helped stir up the Bolshevik revolution, and Russia abruptly quit WWI to tend to its own problems.

From then to June of 1941, the rest of the world kept Russia (then called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) at arm’s length, occasionally trying to interfere with their internal political politics (the United States and other Western allies freakin’ invaded Russia at one point in a futile attempt to tip a Russia civil war against Lenin’s forces).

Russia justifiably developed quite a bit of suspicion and hostility towards the West as a result of this, but that was put aside when Nazi Germany invaded them in June of 1941.

Russia suffered horribly in WWII, but they came out victorious, and they came out a superpower.

The US is being pushed off the world stage right now.  Russia and China are exploiting our weaknesses, and our allies -- witnessing our treacherous treatment of former friends -- are ignoring us to concentrate on our own survival.

Nothing lasts forever, and our day as a world power, much less a superpower, has ended.

We will be slowly bankrupted by our massive military (with a terrible possibility we may end up renting ourselves out to whatever tinhorn regional player needs shoring up, a crime we were oft guilty of in the past, but for our own motives, not someone else’).

It will take us until at least 2048 to begin rebuilding our status, and that’s because the white majority in this country has to come to a close before anybody can ever trust us again.

Note: I am not saying white people have to be eliminated, but the white majority has to end, white people as a whole have to come to realize they need the help and cooperation of the rest of the country, and we will no longer have a government jerked around by the racial anxieties of the white middle and working classes.

Then we can start the long and arduous process of rebuilding ourselves in the world of the late 21stcentury.

Germany dragged Russia into WWII when Hitler invaded them with the intent of conquering the Ukraine, a long term military geo-political objective.

Without that, Russia would have struggled along, trying to find political stability under Stalin.  

It’s not at all impossible Stalin would have eventually been deposed by the Russians themselves, had Hitler not propped him up by invading and giving Stalin the chance to rally the country around him through Russian patriotism, not Soviet unity.

The United States might be able to sit out the upcoming global conflict.  

Unlike Russia, we are not the target of invasion by any of the belligerents.  

Like South America during WWII, we might be able to avoid direct involvement.

But the countries of South America had little global impact in the wake of WWII, and too often bogged down on their own internal problems.

None of them are superpower players today, and that may be the fate of the United States for centuries to come.

The next global conflict will not be a short one, and it may take generations before it comes to an end, much less a resolution.

© Buzz Dixon

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