Writing Report December 29, 2018

Writing Report December 29, 2018

The last one of the year (and it’s been a while since I posted one).

All in all, 2018 proved to be a good year.

Wrote ten short stories, sold five (not all from the new batch; some were stories that have been circulating a year or two).

Finally cracked Analog, a market I’ve been trying to sell to for 50 years!  (And my good luck prevails; I’ve sold another story to them!)

Been talking to some people about possible projects we might do together.  Hopeful, but not holding my breath.  When they lurch forward, they lurch forward.

Started work on a somewhat personal (i.e., no commercial value) personal project somewhat similar to the B-Western round-up I did a while back.  I’ll start pasting entries on Facebook sometime in January, but I want to get significantly ahead before I start (I wrote about 6,300 words on the first day, but anticipate much, much more than that).

I’ll post the segments on Facebook, but will eventually collect them as a freebie PDF on this blog.

Speaking of Facebook (because it kinda segues into what’s coming next), I’m cutting waaaaay back on the pages I’ll be following / participating on.

Frankly, there’s too many for me to enjoy or participate fully, and as I’m planning a busy schedule for 2019, I might as well trim back now.

If I disappear from a page you curate, no offense, I’m not sore or anything, I’ve just run out of time.

Ah, yes, time.  That cruel task master.

I haven’t posted any writing reports in a while because Events Conspire Against Me.  

In addition to my regular work schedule I’ve also got family duties (which have expanded somewhat with Soon-ok’s mom being in the hospital).  I also got sick for most of December, one of those lousy energy draining colds that left me to pooped to pop.

I’d set up a schedule for myself last year as a new year’s resolution, but that fell apart by the second month of 2018.

So I’m making a much tighter schedule this time, trying to build enough space around regularly scheduled distraction so as not to get completely derailed as like throws flaming money wrenches at me.

This is probably my last blog post of 2018 (well, the last I’ll write; I do have two scheduled for tomorrow and Monday) so let me wish you all a



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