What's Wrong With Christian Pop Culture (Part Ten)

What's Wrong With Christian Pop Culture (Part Ten)

Absolutely any person of any gender or orientation has complete 100% autonomy to decide when / where / with whom they will engage in any form of intimacy, and if they wish to wait until their wedding night that’s absolutely 100% in their right.

But it goes to follow that nobody except their partner or potential partner has the privilege to judge them on their sexual behavior or lack thereof.

The fetish of the purity cult tells females they are of lesser value if they engage in premarital sex.

No forgiveness for a moment of weakness, no “girls will be girls” wink, but denigration.

One particularly vile analogy this cult is fond of is the cupcake analogy.

They tells kids about a wonderful, creamy donut with rich icing, then ask them if they would like to eat that donut after several people had licked it.

How many people had that fork in their mouths before you last ate at that restaurant?

Now, vaginas are not stamped out of mass-produced stainless steel, but neither are they easily perishable cupcakes that can be irrevocable distorted by the application of a single tongue.

And biology has dealt females a vulnerable hand insofar as they are the ones who risk pregnancy, and they are more likely to contract an STD than a male who can easily pop into the shower and wash the evidence away.

They do need to be more careful, more deliberate in their sexual expression than males.

That’s unfair, but that’s the condition that prevails.

That being said, they don’t need to have their lives made worse by prejudicial attitudes.

And just to show how insane the philosophy of Christian complimentarianism can be, the Quiverful movement whipsaws females in the exact opposite direction, telling them once they are married they are to become breeding machines, cranking our child after child to please and enrich their husband.

Again, the female’s wishes, the female’s identity, the female’s life is secondary and unimportant to the male feeling good about himself.

You see how this “compliments” porn and sex-driven consumerism perfectly.

That’s about as perfect an antithesis of Christ’s teachings as one could hope to find.

The problem with almost all anti-porn crusades, secular and religious, is that while they identify an area of genuine concern, they get the real issues completely wrong, and end up fighting for the wrong goals for the wrong reasons.

We don’t have to look very far back to find similar crusades against movies and TV shows and rap and rock and jazz and women wearing short hair.

Almost always the crusaders claimed “if we stop X, we can solve these problems”.

And almost always the crusaders failed to realize that X was not the cause of the problems but the result.



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