What's Wrong With Christian Pop Culture (Part Six)

What's Wrong With Christian Pop Culture (Part Six)

As the writer David Gerrold once observed, porn gives impressionable teenagers the wrong idea about how things will be when they’re adults -- nobody delivers a pizza that fast.

But joking aside, it is clear a lot of people -- not just males, or even heterosexuals, for that matter -- acquire bad ideas from public media.

And, no, I’m not talking about ideas related to sex exclusively.

There’s an enormous amount of bad and harmful information out there that some people, whether out of ignorance or malice, use to justify bad and harmful behavior.

A lot of it is disseminated from pulpits every Sunday morning.  

Jes’ sayin’…

Sexual mores in the West have certainly changed over the last century -- and for a wide variety of reasons, Henry Ford being #1 with a bullet since he made it affordable for people to drive to an entirely different community, have their fun, then return home that same night with their neighbors none the wiser.

So we can document certain changes in behaviors and mores that can be attributed to the rise of the Internet.

For one thing, the Internet makes it possible for people to find and build communities, at least online.

Whatever your interest -- sports, movies, politics, music, food, whatever -- you can find others who share your interest and, more importantly, will support your interest instead of judging you on it. 

Case in point:  Bronies.  These are young men who enjoy My Little Pony in the way it was intended, not for any ulterior or ironic purpose.

They are far outside the target audience for the show, but they enjoy it, and in their online communities they can share their enthusiasm without fear of ostracization or judgment.

People interested in sexually explicit material -- and while heterosexual males make up the lion’s share of this contingent, all genders and orientations are represented -- are now able to share that interest as fans or even as creators.

A lot of people have no qualms about sharing such material about themselves with others who express an interest in same.

Indeed, many find that to be appealing in and of itself.

“Frank’s” second comment reflects a worldview shaped by Christian complimentarianism, one in which males are automatically dominant and in charge, females are “weaker vessels” who exist to cater to the whims, wishes, and wills of males, lacking any moral or sexual agency of their own.

I call shenanigans on that.



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