I Feel Betrayed

I Feel Betrayed

I feel betrayed by my fellow countrymen

I feel betrayed by my co-religionists

I grew up believing in life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness

Like Superman, I believed in truth,
justice, and the American way

But I’ve come to see
so many of you
don’t mean that

At least,
not in the way
I mean it

I meant life / liberty / justice / truth / happiness for everybody

Every last man jack / swinging richard / dangling labia of us

We are all entitled to those rights

And if we don’t see to it that everybody
gets a shot then none of us gets a shot

Not really

But lately I’ve been seeing
far too many pinks willing to sell
their cousins down the river
in return for them staying
on the top of the heap

There is no heap!  
We’re are all in this

And if you don’t recognize that,
you are part of the problem

There’s historical precedent for this

We tried listening to you in the past,
making concessions,
giving you what you want

And you never had enough,
you always demanded more

Until you ended up with nothing

The time of compromise is through (at least from us)

You want a unified future,
you have to meet us

We’ve already come more than halfway

The only thing you have to surrender

Is your overweening sense of superiority

You never were

And until your realize that

You are damning yourselves

And your children


© Buzz Dixon




as one generation falls, so another rises

as one generation falls, so another rises

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