ode to an imaginary god

ode to an imaginary god

the greatest god
in the world today
does not really

oh, people like to think 
this god exists
people believe this god exists
people act on the surety
this god exists
day and night
devoting their lives
in ecstatic service
to this god

but this god


no corporeal form
no real factual being
only idols galore
idols clutched by every worshiper
idols in every home
and domicile
and work place
idols teeming
in temples
dedicated to
this god

no real power
or authority

just the power
billions of acolytes
across the planet
ascribe to it
just the authority
they surrender
to it

and one
can argue fairly
that this imaginary god
does possess
the power people claim
for it

this imaginary god
is welcomed
in homes
and offices
and throne rooms
all around the world
from east to west
from north to south
from crotch to sternum

this god
demands sacrifice
bloody sacrifice
emotionally crippling sacrifice
vestal virgins
abandoned babies
starving orphans
the lame
the sick
the halt
the other
but not
just them
oh, no
the finest
as well
the strong
the brave
the talented
the smart

not too smart
or they wouldn’t
an imaginary god
would they?

every evil
in this world
comes from this
god’s command
every war
every famine
every drop
of filth and pollution
body / mind / soul
comes from
this imaginary god

this god
that possesses
no power
other than
what ignorant humans
claim it holds

you do realize
we’re talking about
don’t you?


© Buzz Dixon

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Mr. Marlowe, Mr. McGee; Mr. McGee, Mr. Marlowe

Mr. Marlowe, Mr. McGee; Mr. McGee, Mr. Marlowe