To My GOP Friends:  Prepare Your Exit Strategies >NOW!!!<

To My GOP Friends: Prepare Your Exit Strategies >NOW!!!<

I’ve been watching a lot of old serials recently on YouTube, and one of the most common cliffhangers is quite literally the ol’ car-over-the-cliff gag.

You know the bit:  Hero/ine is in car, which suddenly goes out of control for whatever reason and plunges off a cliff at the end of this chapter…

…only to reveal in the next chapter the hero/ine leaped to safety just before the plunge.

That’s the good way to resolve that cliffhanger.

The bad way is that the car goes over the cliff, crashes spectacularly, then the hero/ine craws out of the wreckage, brushes themselves off, and carries on as if nothing happened.


Dear conservative and/or GOP and/or Trump voter friends, the time has come to plot your exit strategy from the flaming manure truck on the verge of plunging over the edge of the Grand Canyon, otherwise known as the Trump administration.

Nobody who accompanies this ride all the way to the bottom is going to walk away unscathed.

This is not a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

This is not a bad serial cliffhanger.

This is real life, and the consequences are going to last a long, long time and they are going to end more than a few careers, and they are going to cripple more than a few others, and they will leave a big stinky taint over everyone else.

You are not walking away unscathed.

Right now, the biggest thing standing between you and safety is your damn pride.

You have to swallow that pride and admit, yes, you were fooled.

You thought Trump would change things for the better, not make them far worse.

You have to admit Trump’s opponents in both the GOParty and the genuine conservative camp and -- most galling of all -- across the aisle were right from the git go:

This man has absolutely no integrity, no honor, no ability to lead a nation as large and as complex as the United States in the 21st century.

It’s gonna sting to say that, I know, but once you do -- once you swallow that big bitter pill down -- then things can start to get better.

For one thing, you’ll no longer have to cringe and pretend you have no shame, no honor, no integrity by endorsing whatever damn fool thing spews from the lips of Trump and his administration.

For another, you’ll no longer have to defend indefensible positions.

Finally, like Italy at the end of WWII, you get to switch sides and sit with the victors when the spoils are divided.

All you have to do is recognize you were fooled by a con artist who has spent a lifetime conning people.

You don’t have to give up any cherished beliefs or philosophies.  You just need to acknowledge the person who claimed he could help you achieve your goals was a lying sac of human excrement who tricked you and millions of other people, who betrayed his country -- your country, OUR country -- and effectively wiped his ass with the Constitution and the American flag, then used the graves of our honored military dead as a huge outdoor public toilet.

You did not want this; we know that.

That’s why we are urging you to hit the silk while you can.

When Trump and his administration are gone, we together are going to have to start piecing the country back together.

And you can’t do that twisted up in the mangled wreckage of a burning car at the foot of a cliff.

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