If You’re Getting This Link…

glods It means you’ve done or said something so egregious that I have to call shenanigans on it but, due to the delicate sensibilities of my wife, I am holding my anger and intellect at bay.

Most likely you’ve said something that is a flat out attack on somebody I know and love. Maybe you’ve trashed talked or slandered a family member or friend, maybe you’ve railed against the “other” not realizing that in my immediate family and close circle of friends I have just about every ethnic, cultural, gender, and religious group imaginable, so what you said about “them” is actually an attack on “mine”.

I cut you no slack on that.

You may be guilty of *splaining, that is to say, attempting to distract focus from the real problem to some minor issue by complaining that, no, it was not the XB-69 widget but the XB-69C widget that was attached to the problem and to that I’ll suggest you take both widgets, find the smallest and most tender aperture on your body, and cram them in there with as much force as you can muster.

Use a baseball bat to pound ‘em home if necessary.

You may be supporting a person or cause who is simply Beyond The Pale. This differs from prejudging the “other” in this sense: We can document clearly that either the individual in question or the cause itself is actively involved in wreaking great harm on people, and while it is unfair to say all members of group X or followers of philosophy Z are evil beyond redemption, it isn’t unfair to say that those members and followers who unjustly hurt innocent people are wicked.

If you defend the wicked, you are wicked, and that may be why you’re receiving this link.

You may be accusing others while ignoring what your side does; this is called projection and it typically means you accuse others of the very things you yourself do.

You may be making false accusations and slanders and libels against people who make you feel icky. It may surprise you that I have no desire for you to be forced to associate with people who make you feel icky, and as long as you can avoid them without impinging on their rights as human beings or citizens of this country, please, go right ahead.

If you hate square dancing, don’t go to the square dance.

But don’t try to stop the square dance. Especially by burning it to the ground while the dancers are inside.

You may have done some other thing that warrants this link. Trust me, if you argue Plan 9 From Outer Space is a better movie than Casablanca, I may roll my eyes but I’m not sending you this link. If you prefer oranges to apricots, or think Picasso was a fake, or believe that the underlying philosophy of this group or that is bogus, hey, I may disagree, but I’m not going to get angry with you about.

In fact, I’ll probably engage in a very spirited public debate.

But…when you cross the line of common human decency…this post is what you'll receive.not here to be polite

Writing Report, June 15, 2016

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