Fiddling With My Blog

animated buster on the runI’m going to be fiddling with my blog and other internet activities over the summer.

First off, since I’m using Instagram for my humorous captions project, I’m going to stop posting similar images here.

The Instagram images go to Facebook and Twitter anyway.

Twitter I spend very little time on; I’m going to keep that account going for the funny captions and to announce when I have new posts on my blog, but I’m really not using it to its maximum potential.

animated buster misses his rideI am thinking of starting a Tumblr account to archive all the Instagram stuff so people can download it easily; copying stuff off Instagram is a pain in the tuchkis and I don’t mind sharing it.

This blog will re focus on:

  1. My upcoming books, stories, appearances, and projects
  2. Opinion pieces by yrs trly
  3. Anecdotes about people I’ve worked with and projects I’ve worked on
  4. Short stories, fictoids, and poems.

I’ll keep The Words Of The Prophets going but will drop Thinkage and a few other irregular features after the ones I have stockpiled run out.

If I see a good article I will link to it on Facebook; this blog will be centered more around what I write.

Facebook will catch the brunt of my posting, more current affairs oriented than this blog, as well as more personal comments on other topics.

animated buster wall fall

I’m trying to organize material for a podcast that will focus mostly on places I’ve worked and people I’ve worked with [see #3 above]. That probably won’t occur before the end of summer.

I’ve tried about a half dozen other forms of social media but Facebook, this blog, Instagram, and Twitter are the only ones that engage my interest to any degree and, as so many people advise, if you’re not interested enough in a social media to actively participate, why bother at all?

animated buster snags ride

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