Buzz Dixon Spent The Day Cruelly Abusing Teenage Girls [update]

My next project is a Young Adult (YA) adventure novel about a group of girls who...well, we'll wait until we're closer to the release date before going into that. Suffice it to say, I'm putting my characters through the wringer.  Today we dealt with a huge boil on the shoulder of one of 'em.

A huge boil.  H-capital-uge, HUGE.

If it doesn't gross you out, the scene should be pretty funny.

We'll see what my beta-readers have to say...

UPDATE: First draft is completed, gotten necessary (& very insightful!) feedback from beta-readers. I'm letting the manuscript "lay fallow" for a few weeks so I can look at it w/fresh eyes (tho how fresh they'll be after the San Diego Comic Con is another question...)

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