by Buzz on 12/03/2016

“If I hate a person because I’m mean, well, then that’s just mean. But if I hate a person because ‘Jesus told me to hate him,’ this is not just mean, this is satanically mean.

“This is why the lack of love – especially the lack of love from people who claim to follow Jesus – is the worst heresy in all.

“When we hate and hurt and kill ‘in Jesus name’ – we are the greatest arch-heretics the world has ever seen.

“Which is worse: to teach others that Jesus was not God, or to burn such a person ‘in the name of Jesus’ for not believing that Jesus is God?

“While the first person might be wrong about the nature of Jesus, the second person is completely wrong about everything related to Jesus, for if they think that Jesus wants them to burn people who don’t understand Him, they haven’t understood the first thing about Him, and should incinerate themselves first.” – Jeremy Myers, “The Biggest Heresy of All Time (Are You Guilty of It?)

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