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…and then I woke up screaming::who am I


who am I

“Who am I”???  “Who am I”?!?!?  What, don’t you recognize me?  I’m in your dreams and mirror.

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Charles Bukowski On His Liver


Charles Bukowski I write as a function

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Ya Just Can’t Shut Me Up! Radiodrome Podcast



Josh Hadley interviews me for the Radiodrome podcast.  We cover more than just the Sunbow Productions this time around, including Thundarr The Barbarian, Dungeons & Dragons the TV show, and even the short lived Beanie & Cecil revival.

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Knowing Is Half The Battle Podcast


Knowing Is Half The Podcast photo

Had a great time recently with Gina Ippolito, Ray Stakenas, and Robert Chan doing first an overview of my work leading up to G.I. Joe for Sunbow Productions and an analysis of my episode “Lights!  Camera!  Cobra!”  This was a great experience and so much fun we didn’t realize we had run waaaaaaay over time so here it is broken into 4 parts!

Part One

Part Two

“Lights!  Camera!  Cobra!” Part One

“Lights!  Camera!  Cobra!” PartTwo

Be sure to check out all their other Knowing Is Half The Battle Podcasts and their Facebook page plus their own pages with all the cool stuff they’re doing elsewhere!

GI Joe Embrace The Absurdity


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Trippi The Guilt-Spider


Alois Kolb - Trippi The Guilt-Spider

underlying art by Alois Kolb
poem © Buzz Dixon

in my web
in my web
you are mine
you are mine

in my web
in my web
you are mine

you are mine
in my web
you are mine

let me draw you in with shame
let me draw you in with fear
let me draw you in with guilt
let me draw you in
in here

you are mine
in my web
in my web
you are mine

you are mine
in my web
you are mine

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Fictoid: Death’s Jest


Robert Hubert - Deaths Jest

“Landscape with a Sarcophagus”
art by Robert Hubert
text © Buzz Dixon

Determined to be remembered, the rich man vowed he would spend his life building a tomb for himself.

Angered at his vanity, and enraged by his foolish waste of the gods’ gift of life, Death made him immortal.

His family, friends, and fortune gone all too soon, the man spent the rest of his existence in what later generations regarded as an ancient ruin, built and abandoned for no ascertainable purpose.

He begged for Death to release him, but Death never would.

Who knew that Death could be cruel only by denying his service…


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halloween poem 2015


animated tarantula on face

when he bit
into the peach
there was a spider
inside her

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Fictoid: The Boogeyman


Alfred Kubin - the boogey man

art by Alfred Kubin
text © Buzz Dixon

She knows I am here

And I know she knows
I am here

What she doesn’t know is
what I plan to do next

And to tell the truth,
even I don’t know
what I’m going to do next

And that’s what makes
the waiting

so unbearable 

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look what we dug up


Ron Cobb - bad idea aka horror hotel

art by Ron Cobb
text © Buzz Dixon

remember when
they closed the lid
and nailed it shut

and you were
begging – pleading
for somebody
to come and
dig you up?

bad idea


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William Safire’s Great Rules For Writing


William Safire great rules of writing

full list here

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