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William S. Burroughs’ Words of Advice For Young People


“People often ask me if I have any words of advice for young people.
Well here are a few simple admonitions for young and old.”
— William S. Burroughs

Never interfere in a boy-and-girl fight.

Beware of whores who say
they don’t want money.
The hell they don’t.
What they mean is they
want more money.
Much more.

If you’re doing business with
a religious son-of-a-bitch,
Get it in writing.
His word isn’t worth s4it.
Not with the good lord telling him
how to fnck you on the deal.

Avoid fnck-ups.
We all know the type.
Anything they have anything to do with,
No matter how good it sounds,
Turns into a disaster.
Do not offer sympathy to the mentally ill.
Tell them firmly:
I am not paid to listen to this drivel.
You are a terminal boob.

Now some of you may encounter the Devil’s Bargain,
If you get that far.
Any old soul is worth saving,
At least to a priest,
But not every soul is worth buying.
So you can take the offer as a compliment.
He tries the easy ones first.
You know like money,
All the money there is.
But who wants to be the richest guy in some cemetery?
Money won’t buy.
Not much left to spend it on, eh gramps?
Getting too old to cut the mustard.

Well time hits the hardest blows.
Especially below the belt.
How’s a young body grab you?
Like three card monte, like pea under the shell,
Now you see it, now you don’t.
Haven’t you forgotten something, gramps?
In order to feel something,
You’ve got to be there.
You have to be eighteen.
You’re not eighteen.
You are seventy-eight.
Old fool sold his soul for a strap-on.

Well they always try the easiest ones first.
How about an honorable bargain?
You always wanted to be a doctor,
Well now’s your chance.
Why don’t you become a great healer
And benefit humanity?
What’s wrong with that?
Just about everything.
Just about everything.
There are no honorable bargains
Involving exchange
Of qualitative merchandise
Like souls
For quantitative merchandise
Like time and money.
So piss off Satan
And don’t take me for dumber than I look.

An old junk pusher told me –
Watch whose money you pick up.


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Prayers For My Mom


My mother is going to have a minor heart procedure (not full fledge surgery) tomorrow at 9:30 AM EST. They are going to drain fluid from around her heart & install a valve to drain any further fluid buildup into her abdomen. Procedure should take about 20-30 minutes and she should be feeling positive results almost immediately.

Purpose for the procedure is to get her well enough to have gall bladder surgery in a week or two. Docs think gall bladder may be contributing to health problems that cause heart to build up fluid but are not 100% sure. Regardless of that, the bladder has to come out. This should be micro-invasive surgery so there is an excellent chance she will be back home with my sane brother & his wife by mid-January.

Prayers for her will be deeply appreciated.

Update Jan. 4, 2013:

Good news!  Mom came thru the procedure okay.  She’s a bit groggy but that’s understandable considering her age & medical history.  Thanx to all for the prayers of support!

Update Jan. 6, 2013:

Not good news today: Mom’s kidneys are failing, more fluid is building up in her lower lungs. Heart rate is high & irregular, blood pressure 91/61. Gall bladder surgery has been put off. She is not lucid or cognitive on where she is or what’s going on around her. I spoke w/her Saturday; she sounded very tired, her speech was slurred, and she lacked her normally sharp focus. A palative care physician has been assigned her.

My brother Robert says the consensus is that it is unlikely she’ll live out the month. Please pray for her peace and comfort in these remaining days.

Thank you.

Update Jan. 7, 2013:

Mom will be moved into hospice care tonight around 8pm EST.  Everything that can be done for her has been done for her; she is no longer capable of participating in decisions about her own care and treatment.  The doctors are puzzled as to why she didn’t recovery speedily from her heart drain but I think the answer is simply that she was 87 years old, she was tired, she misses my father, and she had one last good Christmas with her son Robert and his wife Kim and their family.  She’s ready to go.

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Of Course, It’s A Perfectly Natural Random Computer Simulation…


I’ve posted before on the topic of the overlap between science and religion when describing the origin of life, the universe, and everything.

More proof for the pudding:

Physicists say they may have evidence that the universe is a computer simulation.

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SERENITY: “I Wanna Be A Zombie!” part two


(part one here)

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Off To The Nerd Prom!


We’re off to San Diego Comic Con again!  (Again?!?!?) (Again!)

As always I’ll be hanging around the Christian Comic Arts Society table (P-08) in the Small Press area.  If you’re at the show swing by & saw howdy or…

…attend one of our events:

Christian Comic Arts Society Open Mixer, FRIDAY, JULY 13:  8:00PM – 10:00PM, Room 23ABC
Come join the Christian Comic Arts Society for their annual fellowship mixer.  Open to all comics, media, and pop-culture fans!   Hosted by CCAS members Scott A. Shuford (FrontGate Media), Leslie Ezeh (Stop N Go Productions), and Ralph Miley (New Creation), fans and creators alike are invited to join an informal after-hours time of Christian fellowship, networking, laughter and prayer as we “talk shop” about the Christian comics movement.


Spiritual Themes In Comics, SATURDAY, JULY 14: 6:00PM – 7:00PM Room 4
This always lively CCAS panel examines spiritual themes in both contemporary comics and pop-culture in general, with a special nod this year to Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” and Terrence Malick’s “The Tree Of Life.”

Panelists include:

WAYNE GARDINER         Crucidel Productions    
SERGIO CARIELLO          The Action Bible
LEO PARTIBLE                Behind the Screen: Insiders on Faith, Film and Culture
CHRISTOPHER KOELLE  The Book Of Revelation
moderator: BUZZ DIXON    Savage Angels


CCAS Sunday Devotional & Christian Comics Panel, SUNDAY, JULY 15:  10:00AM – 11:00AM Room 32AB
Join fellow Christian fans and creators for a brief devotional period, followed by an in-depth analysis on interpreting the Bible in graphic format.  Open to all who wish to attend.


SERGIO CARIELLO                The Action Bible
CHRISTOPHER KOELLE         The Book Of Revelation
BILLY TUCCI                           A Child Is Born
moderator: BUZZ DIXON           Savage Angels


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Without Life, Would There Be A Universe?


I love it when my peanut butter & chocolate go together, and by peanut butter & chocolate, I mean science & theology.

Remember this post?  Particularly point #5?

Here’s an interesting science news item from a few days back…

A few hundred thousand billion free-floating life-bearing Earth-sized planets may exist in the space between stars in the Milky Way. So argues an international team of scientists led by Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, Director of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology at the University of Buckingham, UK…

The scientists have proposed that these life-bearing planets originated in the early Universe within a few million years of the Big Bang, and that they make up most of the so-called “missing mass” of galaxies. The scientists calculate that such a planetary body would cross the inner solar system every 25 million years on the average and during each transit, zodiacal dust, including a component of the solar system’s living cells, becomes implanted at its surface. The free-floating planets would then have the added property of mixing the products of local biological evolution on a galaxy-wide scale.

The idea that there’s a lot of real estate floating around loose between the stars is not a new one.

This is the first time, however, that it’s been suggested that life itself originated with the universe, and was not simply a random byproduct.

Which leads me to ask the $64 trillion dollar question:
Is the Universe as we know it simply the byproduct of the creation of Life?

God, through His son and the prophets, constantly reminds us that the least shall be greatest.

Cosmologists are quick to remind us “that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people” and ask “if we long to believe that the stars rise and set for us, that we are the reason there is a Universe, does science do us a disservice in deflating our conceits?

With all due respect, I think they have it backwards.

We, who are physically
among the least in the Universe,
are the very reason it exists at all,
and long after this Universe is swept away,
we will just be beginning the great task
that we were created for.

There is a very real possibility that the span between the stars is not the vast ocean of emptiness we thought but a series of (relatively) small hops.

Step by step is how life spreads:
From this valley to the next, from this island to another.  Humanity is not confined to this system; there are countless worlds beyond on which to build way stations.

We’ve been looking at travel to the stars through the wrong set of lenses.

We should stop thinking about flying by jet and start thinking of getting there by stagecoach.

Who cares how long it takes as long as we get there?

As they say in the song:

“Who gives a damn?
We’re on our way!”

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True Story, Grace Will Bear Me Out: How Not To Get On TV


15-16 years ago a friend was trying to get a game show off the ground (he didn’t).  They were shooting a pilot & he asked me to be on one of the teams of contestants.

We were told each team should come up with a name for itself & an identifying “look” (an outfit, shirt, hat, badge, whatever). I suggested my team hie itself hence over to the Golden Apple on Melrose and buy a buncha Batman T-shirts.

We would call ourselves The Bat Shirts.




They were not amused.

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“All I Got For Christmas…” (New SERENITY Story)


Found at SnokieStories-dot-com.

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…And Now A Song By Louis Armstrong


I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead, You Rascal You


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Nobody Is Getting Any Sleep This Christmas Eve


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