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H. Somerset Maugham On Why We Write


somerset maughn on writing

“We do not write because WE WANT to;
we write because WE HAVE to.”
– H. Somerset Maugham

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Happy New Year, One & All!


Dave Mink - Moms Revengeunderlying art by Dave Mink


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On The Convention…er, Film Festival Trail



No San Diego Comic Con for me this year.  Instead, I’ll be at the Christian Comic Arts Society table at the Pan Pacific Film Festival with Jose Guillen (Friday), Ralph Miley and Clint Johnson (Saturday).

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Peter Lorre Bogarts That Joint


animated peter lorre bogarts that jointmore things Lorre found here


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The Words Of The Prophets…


…are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls

WotP Linus Pauling

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…And Now, A Moonwalking Midget Pony


animated moon walking midget pony

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Odd Couples


20070530-Zappa_KirbyFrank Zappa and Jack Kirby

600full-salvador-dali w Disney Walt Disney and Salvador Dali

(It’s easier to wrap my head around
Zappa + Kirby than Disney + Dali…)

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Either The Cutest Or The Scariest Thing Ever Posted


Thanx to
Steve Niles
for the tip off

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animated hypercube

 what color number
did the music smell
like in the dream you
cannot remember?

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William S. Burroughs’ Words of Advice For Young People


“People often ask me if I have any words of advice for young people.
Well here are a few simple admonitions for young and old.”
– William S. Burroughs

Never interfere in a boy-and-girl fight.

Beware of whores who say
they don’t want money.
The hell they don’t.
What they mean is they
want more money.
Much more.

If you’re doing business with
a religious son-of-a-bitch,
Get it in writing.
His word isn’t worth s4it.
Not with the good lord telling him
how to fnck you on the deal.

Avoid fnck-ups.
We all know the type.
Anything they have anything to do with,
No matter how good it sounds,
Turns into a disaster.
Do not offer sympathy to the mentally ill.
Tell them firmly:
I am not paid to listen to this drivel.
You are a terminal boob.

Now some of you may encounter the Devil’s Bargain,
If you get that far.
Any old soul is worth saving,
At least to a priest,
But not every soul is worth buying.
So you can take the offer as a compliment.
He tries the easy ones first.
You know like money,
All the money there is.
But who wants to be the richest guy in some cemetery?
Money won’t buy.
Not much left to spend it on, eh gramps?
Getting too old to cut the mustard.

Well time hits the hardest blows.
Especially below the belt.
How’s a young body grab you?
Like three card monte, like pea under the shell,
Now you see it, now you don’t.
Haven’t you forgotten something, gramps?
In order to feel something,
You’ve got to be there.
You have to be eighteen.
You’re not eighteen.
You are seventy-eight.
Old fool sold his soul for a strap-on.

Well they always try the easiest ones first.
How about an honorable bargain?
You always wanted to be a doctor,
Well now’s your chance.
Why don’t you become a great healer
And benefit humanity?
What’s wrong with that?
Just about everything.
Just about everything.
There are no honorable bargains
Involving exchange
Of qualitative merchandise
Like souls
For quantitative merchandise
Like time and money.
So piss off Satan
And don’t take me for dumber than I look.

An old junk pusher told me -
Watch whose money you pick up.


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