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This Is Pretty Funny…


…until you start thinking about it…

channelate 2012-02-13-dream

…and then it breaks your heart.

Channelate by Ryan Hudson

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Yet Again I Blather On


Andrew Rowland has a new podcast and the extreme misfortune to have me as his first guest.

Part One

Part Two

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Stop…You Had Me At “Flying Gorillas”



Pappy strikes again,
this time with Strange Adventures #125
(Cover art by Syd Greene)

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How To Tell Gyrenes From Doggies


There has always been a rivalry between the Army and the Marine Corps.  Here’s a WWII Marine’s take on the matter…

how to tell gyrenes from doggies

“How to tell the Gyrenes from the Doggies on Okinawa.” [World War 2.] [Illustration by: "Sgt J.R. McDermott, Okinawa 45".] World War II Comics – Signed by Sgt J.R. McDermott, Okinawa ’45..

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“Gull Factory” by Dick Jarvis


I was all prepared to write another one of my long (=yawn!=) drawn out rants on what is wrong with so much of contemporary American culture, in particular the self-annointed who don’t understand that they are a big part of the whole fncking problem when I saw Tom “The Comics Reporter” Spurgeon‘s link to Dick Jarvis’ “Gull Factory” and realized Jarvis’ quill did a finer / funnier job and struck closer to home than anything I could hammer out on my keyboard so here is the first page as a sample.

Gull Factory by Dick Jarvis 1





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I Luvz Me Some Heinrich Kley


Heinrich Kley (1863 – 1945 or 1952; your guess is as good as anybody’s) was a German artist / cartoonist for such avant-garde magazines as Jugend and Simplicissimus.  Now virtually forgotten by the public, he’s best remembered for being ripped off by the inspiration for Disney’s “Dance Of The Hours” in Fantastia.

Heinrich Kley - steal a little

Heinrich Kley - elehants drinking

Heinrich Kley - hero

Heinrich Kley - hey ho lets go

Heinrich Kley - parlor game

Heinrich Kley - elephants bathing

Heinrich Kley - bacchus

Heinrich Kley - fighting for bread

Heinrich Kley - elephant plays piccolo

Heinrich Kley - red cross

Heinrich Kley - elephants on a train

Heinrich Kley - they party while below

Heinrich Kley - monkey on her back

Heinrich Kley - disarming justice

Heinrich Kley - dancing elephants 3

Heinrich Kley - crucifixion picnic

Heinrich Kley - dancing elephants 1

Heinrich Kley - harpies

Heinrich Kley - dancing elephants 2

Heinrich Kley - guillotine

political agenda?
I have no idea what
you’re talking about…

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Patrick L. Dean Does H.P. Lovecraft


Arguably as fine an adaptation of Lovecraft as any to date.

Patrick L Dean adapts Lovecaft

Here’s a link to the
original short story;
compare and contrast.

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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things



Russ Heath goes to town
(from Creepy #92)

found at Pappy’s Golden Age Blogzine

Happy Birthday, Russ

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Happy [belated] Birthday, Roy Doty!


When I was a lad, Roy Doty‘s cartoons and illustrations were everywhere.

No foolin’.

You couldn’t open a publication without finding either a spot illo or a cartoon or a strip by him.

I want to focus in on one thing he made his specialty.

My father had a subscription to Popular Science when I was a lad.  Typically each issue would have a one page comics story by Doty called Wordless Workshop.

It was a deceptively simple strip that depicted a typical household problem, an ingenious solution, how to execute said solution, and a satisfied family at the end.

Sounds real simple, right?

Guess again.

Like Fred Astaire dancing, Doty was able to do something incredibly complex so effortlessly it felt like anybody could do it.

Seriously, have you tried
constructing Ikea furniture?
Don’t give me that
anybody-can-do-it crap.

Here are three examples of a true master at work.  Bravo, Mr. Doty, born Sep. 10, 1922, for doing so much wonderful work and making it look so easy.

Roy Doty WW 1

Roy Doty WW 2

Roy Doty WW 3


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Alpha Omega Con 2014


Well, we made it!  And a good time was had by all.  The first Alpha Omega Con is over, and a big 21 phaser cannon salute to Ralph Miley, Holly Knevelbaard, Eric Jansen, Clint Johnson, Kevin Young, Scot A. Shuford, and all the rest of the Christian Comic Arts Society and friends such as David Wood, Serena Travis, and Sheila Thompson who made it such a wonderful event!

Special thanks to our many, many guests and panelists, including:  Mike S. Miller (Justice League of America, Batman: Arkham), Flint Dille (Transformers, Teen Titans, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu), Chris Yambar (The Simpsons, Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol), Kevin Grevioux (Underworld, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.), Pastor Fred Price Jr. (Crenshaw Christian Center), Mike Kunkel (Herobear and the Kid), Dr. Thomas Parham (Asuza Pacific University), Eric Jansen (Christ of Prophecy, Paraman), Mike Shields (indie film maker), Dr. Fred Sanders (Biola University), Clyde Taber (Visual Story Network), Bill Morrison (Bongo Comics, The Simpsons), John David Ware (168 Film Project), B. Dave Walters (PeaceLoveMoney.Com), Jonathan Moch (the Emanation fantasy triology), Peter & Carmi Fellwock , and many more.

AO Con 2

AO Con Cosplay 1

AO Con Ben Avery

Ben Avery

AO Con Cosplay 2

AO Con Jerrell Conner

Jerrell Conner

AO Con Bibleman n Captain America

AO Con Mike Kunkle Kevin Grevioux

Mike Kunkle and Kevin Grevioux

AO Con Cosplay 3

AO Con Chris Yambar

Chris Yambar’s “Duck & Cover” seminar

AO Con Faithwalker

AO Con Biola Film Students

AO Con Jose Guillen

Jose Guillen

AO Con Jedi Elvis

AO Con 1

AO Con Zombie

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