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…and then I woke up screaming::who am I


who am I

“Who am I”???  “Who am I”?!?!?  What, don’t you recognize me?  I’m in your dreams and mirror.

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Fictoid: Death’s Jest


Robert Hubert - Deaths Jest

“Landscape with a Sarcophagus”
art by Robert Hubert
text © Buzz Dixon

Determined to be remembered, the rich man vowed he would spend his life building a tomb for himself.

Angered at his vanity, and enraged by his foolish waste of the gods’ gift of life, Death made him immortal.

His family, friends, and fortune gone all too soon, the man spent the rest of his existence in what later generations regarded as an ancient ruin, built and abandoned for no ascertainable purpose.

He begged for Death to release him, but Death never would.

Who knew that Death could be cruel only by denying his service…


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Fictoid: heartbreaker


Karl Alexander Wilke - femme fatale

art by Karl Alexander Wilke

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Fictoid: monster movie mash-up


animated peter lorre caught

he was an ugly little monster
- not in appearance
(actually funny looking)
(a dumpy little man)
(looked like a pudgy boy)
(no more than thirty)
- he liked children
- liked to take them aside
- touch them
- do things with to them

one child screamed
threatened to tell
so he killed her
(couldn’t have that)
(could he?)

after that it was easy
- so very very easy
- so many young bodies

they caught him, of course
- not the police
(they couldn’t find anybody)
(just bodies)
- the criminals
(police blunder about)
(bad for business)
(so they caught the monster)

they killed him, too
- tied him to a chair
- doused him with kerosene
- set him on fire
- while the mothers watched

afterward they left a note for the authorities

the authorities threw the charred corpse into a pauper’s grave
- but not before a doctor had preserved the brain
(for study)
(carefully / needlessly labeled “abnormal”)

- the doctor died
(his own brain harvested)
- a brilliant colleague
(eccentric bordering insane)
- an assistant
(guilty…of what?)
(silence buys acquiescence)
- a bungled burglary
- the doctor’s brain in a jar
- desperation
(fear of exposure)
- take the brain marked “abnormal”

and from the eternal darkness…
- awaken to thunder and lightning
- hands and feet
(not your own)
- sexual organs
…but the brain…
(still abnormal)

well, you know the rest
- you know why the monster is afraid of fire
- you know why the monster is fascinated by children
- you know what he does when he gets them alone

animated b of f scene

spare no pity for the monster
- he made his choices in his previous life

text © Buzz Dixon


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Fictoid: winners


Karl Alexander Wilke - 2 generals

art by Karl Alexander Wilke

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Fictoid: The Boogeyman


Alfred Kubin - the boogey man

art by Alfred Kubin
text © Buzz Dixon

She knows I am here

And I know she knows
I am here

What she doesn’t know is
what I plan to do next

And to tell the truth,
even I don’t know
what I’m going to do next

And that’s what makes
the waiting

so unbearable 

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Being An Undead Gunslinger Has Its Advantages


Lee Brown Coye - zombie cowpoke

art by Lee Brown Coye
text © Buzz Dixon

“Being an undead gunslinger has its advantages.

“For one thing, you don’t have to be a good shot or a quick draw.

 “By the time they realize you’re undead…it’s too late!

 “And there’s no ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ handbills, either.

 “’Course, that’s mostly ‘cuz yer already dead…”

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you talk too much and you won’t shut up


you talk too much

Hi! Do you wanna talk?

I’d love to talk! There’s so many things I’m waiting to say.

But we can talk about anything you want — anything at all! We can talk about all those things you say to yourself when you don’t think there’s anybody listening.

Well, I’M listening, of course, but you don’t count me, do you?

But that’s okay. I understand. Some of the stuff you say isn’t the sort of thing you want your friends and family to hear, much less your boss.

Or the police.

But I understand. That’s why we can be such good friends. So what say you get a nice cup of cocoa and you come over here and pull up a chair and we can have a nice long chat.

A niiicce looooong chat…

What’s the ax for?

text © Buzz Dixon

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Fictoid: What To Do When You Find A Skull


Domingo Álvarez Gómez - found this skull

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…and then I woke up screaming::desire


I desire you cap

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