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Fictoid: thirty seconds before the crash…


your crash landing instructions cap

“Your crash landing
instructions, ma’am.”

“Will they help
us survive?”

“No, but they’ll keep your
whiney ass occupied until
the moment of impact.”

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Fictoid: one night at the field sobriety checkpoint


at the sobriety checkpoint

“Sir, have you been drinking?”

“No.  What makes you think that?”

“You’re eating a cigar and smoking a Slim Jim.”

“They’re healthier that way.”

“Hmm, point taken.  Have a good evening, sir.”

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The Fixer’s Manifesto


The Fixers Manifesto

originally found here

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2am found at PurpleClover dot Com

found at

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TRANSFORMERS & G.I. JOE At American Cinematheque!



For those Joe and Transformer fans out there, the American Cinematheque is hosting a double feature at the Hollywood Egyptian on March 7, 2015.  Both films will be shown and sandwiched in between ‘em will be writer/story editor Flint Dille, voice actor Neil Ross, director Don Jurwich, story board director Larry Houston, writer Don Glut, and yrs trly to talk about the films and the other series produced by Sunbow in the mid-80s.

Anything we can’t remember, we’ll make up…

The fun starts at 7:30, tickets are $11 (but only $7 if you’re an American Cinematheque member, so why doncha join?), and the Egyptian (my personal favorite of the classic Hollywood movie palaces) is located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, between Las Palmas and McCadden, just east of Highland Avenue in Hollywood.

Don’t make us come looking for you!

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Who Can Defeat Killah Priest & The Mighty Wu-Tang Clan?


Josh Hadley, that’s who.

Josh interviewed me earlier this year for his podcast, but a funny thing happened when he uploaded it.

He used an audio sample from Visionaries, one of the series I wrote for oh so many moons ago, as part of his intro to the interview.

Seems Killah Priest, a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, has also sampled the same segment from Visionaries for one of his recordings, and his label has ‘bots crawling the ‘webs, looking for anybody who may have ripped them off.

Basically, they told SoundCloud to take down Josh’s Radiodrome podcast for copyright infringement!

Ha!  It’s going to take more than mere ‘bots to stop Josh or shut me up!

Vic Prezio - magnus brobot brawl

Listen to me blather on here.

Magnus, Robot Fighter brawl by Vic Prezio

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Fictoid: There’s An App For That


Rene Gruau - theres an app for that

It’s very simple, Senator.

We need you to support a bill to provide a nationwide anti-bullying app for all school kids.

If they’re bullied, all they have to do is enter the name of the person bullying them.

Of course, the reports are anonymous…

At first.

The idea is to link specific abusers with specific victims.

Oh, we’ll make a show of bringing the young miscreants in, give them a good scolding, a sound talking to, that sort of thing.

But in reality we’re going to track them, guide them, steer them to careers in law enforcement, tax collecting, social services, prison guards.

See, we’re also going to track all the victims as well.  And when they’ve grown into tax paying adults, we’re going to keep them in line by bringing their childhood nemesis back into their lives.  Make them more compliant, as it were.

This way the gears of society will keep grinding and the money will keep flowing.

Our citizens will dutifully select their own personal tormentors, and fines and taxes will be levied, and the prisons will stay full, and your offshore account will reflect all this.

What’s that?  Why of course we can find a position for your son.


text © Buzz Dixon
art by Rene Gruau

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Everything You Need To Know About Human Nature


The_Sons_of_Katie_Elder-366631389-large‘cuz everything is artsier
& fartsier in French

There’s a scene in the old John Wayne Western The Sons Of Katie Elder in which Dean Martin comes into a saloon looking for money to buy a drink.

He raises the funds by raffling off his glass eye, persuading the other cowpokes that it would be a good luck or a conversation piece.

He easily raises the money for the glass eye, taking a quarter from everyone in the bar (well, almost everyone; the villain isn’t interested in playing).

The winner (Strother Martin a.k.a. King Of The Prairie Scum) gets the eye, and Dino gets the money…but then Dino persuades Strother to sell the glass eye back to him for four dollars.

The kneeslapper, of course, is that Dino’s glass eye is just a needless prop, both of his real eyes are fully functional.

Everything you need to know about human nature in general and the underlying problem with contemporary American culture can be found in that scene.

Dino creates a totally unnecessary desire in the saloon’s patrons:  They are convinced that if they win the eye, their lives will be better for it, because they’ll have something other people will envy.

Mind you, until Dino entered the saloon and opened his fat yap, this desire did not exist.

They all took part in a gamble because they thought they were going to get something for…well, if not nothing then certainly for a tiny amount.

And while Strother did win the eye, he was persuaded to part with it for a 700% profit (he bought two chances for fifty-cents).

That’s the way they put it over on us.  That’s the way they sucker us each and every time.

Like a carny, they tell us there’s a winner every time, and maybe there is, but what they don’t tell us is that the game is rigged and there’s only a limited number of winners allowed and none of them will ever win those big stuff animals on the top shelf but rather just the crappy little trinkets on the table.

We are told (sold) by media what we should desire, what we should want.  We’re persuaded to spend to get these items of manufactured desire, but then as soon as we close our fists around one such phantom it disappears like a will-o-the-wisp and we’re told no, not that one, this one!  This is the one you want!

And they play us again and again and again.

We need to stop wanting shit.

We need to start telling people to fuck off when they try to sell us crap.

We need to start looking after each other rather than jockey for fleeting, ephemeral status that one do us a damned bit of good once we’re planted in the grave.

We need to recognize the slickee boiz are playing us for rubes, and we need to stop getting pissed off at the people who point these facts out.

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Fictoid: One Day On Wall Street


James R Bingham - Im not the poopyhead

underlying art by James R. Bingham

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The Internet Is For Porn


In a study released recently, Allen Downey, a computer scientist at the Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts, analyzed the General Social Survey, a 40-year+ sociological survey carried out by the University of Chicago, and drew an interesting albeit it speculative conclusion from the facts therein.

To make a long story short, Downey attributes most of the drop in religious affiliation with increased Internet availability & use.

There’s doubtlessly a correlation here, but it’s a good question as to whether Internet use creates dissatisfaction with one’s religious affiliation, or if dissatisfaction with one’s religious affiliation leads one to seek out other answers on the Internet.

Religion vs Internet

This chart is interesting.  While the overall percentage of non-affiliated people rose slightly from 1974 to 1990, it wasn’t a dramatic drop and was marked by peaks and valleys.  After 1990 (Downey’s arbitrary starting point for mass use of the Internet), the percentage of non-affiliated people dropped noticeably.  I’m sure there are several contributing factors to this, but I think the initial surge in the Internet gave a lot of people who had previous drifted from their churches a chance to re-link online, however briefly.[1]

That honeymoon was brief, however, an disinterest in religion rose apace with the spread of the Internet up until the late 1990s.  Part of this 8-year plateau can be attributed to anxieties following 9/11, but the plateau had started before then.  It was certainly a time of great resurgence in the so-called religious right / moral majority so perhaps their PR efforts paid off.

By 2005, however, the decline in religious affiliation once again matched the spread of the Internet.[2]

Again, correlation is not causation, and there are any number of mechanisms that can be at play here, with no single one the sole agent responsible.

Aww, but what fun is that if you’ve got a cultural axe to grind?

Meet Joel J. Miller, author & blogger, who has parsed Downey’s analysis and has decided people no longer go to church because of Internet porn.

With no numbers to back his assertion up, Miller states Downey’s analysis reflects “the modernist prejudice that equates religion and ignorance.”

Well, yeah, it does, if by “ignorance” you mean “not knowing the self-righteous, self-congratulatory, self-important, self-centered jerks who run too many religious organizations and denominations were banking on none of their parishioners comparing notes with anybody outside the system.”

See, what’s driving people away from mainstream religions is the exact same thing that got them flocking to Jesus in the first place:  A recognition that whatever the current orthodoxy is trying to accomplish, it has nothing to do with what God wants, but more to do with said orthodoxy lining the pockets of its leaders and increasing the political clout of its membership.

Add to this the truly treacherous stewpot of misogyny and borderline-to-full-blown child abuse that flourishes in far too many denominations and mega-churches and even small neighborhood churches, and it’s no wonder many people are opting to hit the silk on the whole organized religion experience.

Who can blame them?[3]




[1]  I think the 1976 to 1980 hiccup can be explained with Jimmy Carter.  Carter was a sincere, devout Christian who, in the aftermath of Nixon, got people who had only recently drifted away from their affiliations to come back; as the economy grew more problematic and several scandals erupted in & around his administration, people became dissatisfied again.  Reagan, a not-particularly religious person, could sure act like one and under his administration the trend reversed itself somewhat though it began rising again.

[2]  The Internet’s hiccup in 2007-09 I attribute to a decline in the economy, particularly a decline in middle class spending power prior to the big stock market / housing collapse:  People just couldn’t afford all the Internet services they had enjoyed before.  As the economy recovered and as technology prices dropped, Internet use came back.

[3]  Not any true Christians, who in order to be genuine followers of Christ need to adhere to his teaching of “judge not lest ye be judged”.

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